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Our team comprises of industry certified and highly experienced cybersecurity experts and practitioners who have managed security at scale for various organisations.

Over the years we pride ourself in being part of the success stories of many organisations by playing our role in securing their highly prized assets and ensuring they have peace of mind while they focus on their core expertise.

We are a Cybersecurity firm providing a range of bespoke Cyber defence and related technology solutions and services to various businesses. Our operations is based out of Lagos, Nigeria and the United Kingdom.


cloud security

We take a critical look at your operations and evaluate your business processes and then provide a tailored proposition to help ensure that your organisation is secured and well protected from threats.

We develop policies for your organisation to help you better manage your IT infrastructure in a structured approach so that you are also properly aligned with government and industry regulations. We manage your Cybersecurity to ensure you have peace of mind which helps you to focus your efforts on your core business activities.

We work with a number of foreign industry partners and providers to deploy relevant software, applications, and solutions for your enterprise based on our assessment of your needs.


The various services that we offer at Salvatech and our Services vary from telecommunication to cyber security and IT solutions. Below are some of the services that we render.


We have varieties of products of both generic and bespoke nature, all tailored to meet and resolve the various needs you and your organisation might have.


We offer 24/7 support on all products, services and Solutions, in order to attend to your needs and give clarifications.
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