Software Licensing

…we ensure that you have the software you need with the appropriate licensing that you require

All companies operate on one form of Software or the other. It is critically important that the software in use within your organisation are legal and that you have the appropriate rights to use those software. Many organisation have become accustomed to using fake, pirated or software without appropriate licenses thereby exposing them to many risks that can lead to hacking, financial and legal issues. While purchasing a licensed software is expensive means that you will incur costs, in the long run, when you consider the whole ramifications and security issues involved, you will discover that it is much more cost effective.

There are software that are Free of use and available in the Public Domain. Others may require varying forms of licenses to use them. Our role is to help you ensure that you have the software you need with the appropriate licensing that you require. By doing this, you save cost on software that you could be using for free, or software that you may oversubscribe because you do not understand the license options available to you. You also protect your organisation from exposure to legal and financial risks associated with copyright and patent issues. You are also covered in the area of cybersecurity risks as an appropriate license ensures that your software is properly patched with updates and enjoy manufacturer’s support.

We manage your software licensing through various ways, one of which is through the deployment of automated software licensing tools that helps to optimise your software spend, and also ensure that your organisation will always be audit-ready and regulatory compliant.

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