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In the past public Wi-Fi used to be something special, nowadays you can connect almost everywhere to the internet. At the airport, in the hotel, café, or restaurant, on the train, at school, or even on the streets. Super easy right? But is it safe to connect to an unprotected Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi hotspots are the places where other people can read your data. Is it even safe to use the internet without VPN? In this blog post, we will give you a few important reasons why you shouldn’t use public Wi-Fi without a VPN service.

The danger of unsecured networks.

Do you want to be sure that your data is safe on the internet? Then is encryption the magic word? It makes sure that the data that you sent is unrecognizable. It is transformed into a code and this prevents people from doing something with it. A coded website is recognizable when the URL begins with HTTPS instead of HTTP. In your browser, you see a lock that states if your website is safe or not. However, when you are surfing, you visit a secured website just as easily as a not secured website. When you send data to websites that aren’t encrypted, you are at risk.

When you use your Wi-Fi at home, if everything is correct, it is set up in the way that you need a password. Your network is secured with a WPA key. Now the point is that lots of public hotspots don’t have these. When you connect with such a Wi-Fi network you can almost certainly be sure that the connection is unsafe terrain. To safely surf the internet on a public network you need to use a VPN service. Then you surf the web anonymously and nobody can watch you.

When you use public Wi-Fi without a VPN, you could be exposed to the following dangers:

  1. You could be a victim of hacking 
  2. Cyber Criminals can keep track of everything that you are doing on the internet
  3. Your computer could be infected by malware. Malware can make your computer slower, but it can also get access to your data.
  4. You can be connected to a false network that can give criminals access to your bank account details.

How to be safe on the internet with a VPN

The internet is full of dangers that you have just read about. And to make the list of never-ending treats no longer we spent no time at ad hosts, worms, and spoofing. So can you still get on the internet safely? On that question, you have to answer no more and more often. Especially when you use public Wi-Fi. Therefore it is advised to install a VPN on your computer and your smartphone.

Source: 6 reasons why you shouldn’t use a public Wi-Fi ever again without a VPN service

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