Company Description

Our client a cutting edge blockchain technology company based in Central London is building the next-generation blockchain (Ethereum) platform focusing on decentralisation of global financial institutions.

Job Description

The blockchain Developer will hold responsibility for
 Building digital assets infrastructure on Ethereum to decentralise from financial
 Designing and implementing critical sections of the blockchains service.
 Designing and developing the smart contract ecosystem.
 Solving industry challenges with the use of blockchain technology.


The ideal candidate will have experience with;
 Working with Ethereum, Solidity and smart contracts in your spare time or in production.
 Production experience working with the latest standards ES6ES7, server side NodeJS
and experience client side with frameworks such as ReactJS, VueJS.
 Problem solver mentality – an ability to break down problems which might not have been
solved in industry.
 Working with a bright, collaborative team in order to solve industry challenges on the
Ethereum blockchain

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