Data Backup/Recovery

As you or your organisation cannot totally control what might lead to a data loss, make a proactive decision to engage Salvatech in ensuring that the dreaded reality of data loss never occurs.

Data backup and recovery is the process of making copies of data so that they can be used to restore the original after a data loss event. Data loss can occur due to hardware failure, software corruption, human error, or malicious attacks.

There are several different types of backup, including full, incremental, and differential. Full backups copy all of the data, while incremental and differential backups only copy new or changed data. Data can be backed up to physical media such as hard drives or optical discs, or it can be backed up to cloud-based storage services.

Data recovery can be performed using backups or specialized data recovery software. In some cases, data may be lost permanently if it cannot be recovered. Data backup and recovery is an important part of any computer user’s workflow, as it helps to protect against accidental or catastrophic data loss.

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